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Courses or Customised Sessions


We carry out a discovery session to fully understand your set-up, processes and learning objectives. Once the content has been agreed we will formulate  a training programme to meet your needs. We also provide post-training support should you require further clarification when later applying your knowledge. 

Training topics can include

  • Content Builder

  • Data Management

  • Automation Studio

  • Segmentation tools

  • Contact Builder

  • Journey Builder

  • Marketing Cloud Connector (Integration with the Salesforce Sales and Services Cloud using Synchronised Data Sources)

  • Account Administration

  • Brainstorming work shops - what's possible and what's not

  • Marketing Cloud Certification Workshops

  • AMPscript

We can provide the following learning material

  • Slide packs

  • Practise exercises 

  • Step-by-step guides

We can provide the following training options

  • Standard training 

  • Customised training

  • Short training engagements or ongoing global User adoption training

  • Admin / Technical Training

  • Brainstorming workshops to see where you could improve

  • Pre-sales or Pre-setup training to ensure you know what you need


(Price dependent upon requirements)

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