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The Marketing Cloud software has matured into a streamlined, powerful and marketer friendly platform, however, this does bring a level of complexity to the implementation which must not be underestimated. A below par implementation is likely to leave you with a valuable product that will never reach its full potential.

Whilst there are many success stories, our experience is that the less successful implementations we have encountered could have been avoided with the appropriate consultation being sought at the discovery stage. We offer affordable consulting and training to businesses who are starting a new journey or those who may have hit a bump in the road.

  • With your Stakeholders we will analyse your data setup and marketing strategy

  • With your Feedback we will build your platform

  • With your Team we will onboard the key users

SFMC Services

¬  Implementation/ Consulting

¬  Basic, Advanced and Custom Training

¬  Certification Training

¬  Support Services

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